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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 56 recipes that use Leather Straps.

Name Category World
Flat Roof Md Castle BlockCastle BlocksWizard City
Floor Extra Large Wood BlockCastle BlocksWizard City
Floor Md Wood BlockCastle BlocksWizard City
Floor XS Castle BlockCastle BlocksWizard City
Floor-Ceiling Sm Wood BlockCastle BlocksWizard City
Framed Oasis PhotoWall HangingsKrokotopia
Kitchen Ware PotsWall HangingsMarleybone
Kitchen Ware RackWall HangingsMarleybone
Large Clay JarDecorationsGrizzleheim
Large Keeper AquariumFurnitureWizard City
Large Small Fry AquariumFurnitureWizard City
Large Starry TentOutdoorsWizard City
Large Whopper AquariumFurnitureWizard City
Red Food CartFurnitureMarleybone
Regular Keeper AquariumFurnitureWizard City
Regular Small Fry AquariumFurnitureWizard City
Regular Whopper AquariumFurnitureWizard City
Roof-Floor B Castle BlockCastle BlocksWizard City
Shell CoatDecorationsAzteca
Solar RugDecorationsMooShu

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