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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 56 recipes that use Leather Straps.

Name Category World
Crystal Caves TapestryWall HangingsAvalon
Azteca ScaffoldingOutdoorsAzteca
Azteca CartDecorationsAzteca
Axe RackDecorationsAzteca
Azteca CanoeDecorationsAzteca
Feathered ThroneFurnitureAzteca
Fancy CanoeDecorationsAzteca
Eagle War ShieldWall HangingsAzteca
Shell CoatDecorationsAzteca
Tool RackDecorationsAzteca
Spired BedFurnitureDragonspyre
Large Clay JarDecorationsGrizzleheim
Egg BasketDecorationsGrizzleheim
Tapestry to NorthguardWall HangingsGrizzleheim
Bumbler BedFurnitureKhrysalis
Bumbler End TableFurnitureKhrysalis
Bumbler BenchFurnitureKhrysalis
Bumbler ThroneFurnitureKhrysalis
Bumbler Honeycomb TableFurnitureKhrysalis
Framed Oasis PhotoWall HangingsKrokotopia

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