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Reagent Storage Chest
Showing Khrysalis items.
Name World Category
Bumbler Honey BowlKhrysalisDecorations
Bumbler Honey BoxKhrysalisDecorations
Bumbler Honey CupKhrysalisDecorations
Bumbler Honey JarKhrysalisDecorations
Bumbler Honey PotKhrysalisDecorations
Bumbler HoneybarrowKhrysalisDecorations
Bumbler Pollen BoxKhrysalisDecorations
Burrower Burial UrnKhrysalisDecorations
Burrower Ceremonial UrnKhrysalisDecorations
Burrower Heavy Weapon RackKhrysalisDecorations
Burrower LecternKhrysalisDecorations
Burrower Light Weapon RackKhrysalisDecorations
Burrower PotKhrysalisDecorations
Fancy Bumbler Honey JarKhrysalisDecorations
Gold and Azure ChestKhrysalisDecorations
Plain Burrower UrnKhrysalisDecorations
Pointy Bumbler Weapon RackKhrysalisDecorations
Sharp Bumbler Weapon RackKhrysalisDecorations
Stout Bumbler Honey PotKhrysalisDecorations
Tall Bumber VaseKhrysalisDecorations

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