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Reagent Storage Chest
Showing Outdoors items.
Name Category World
Arched TombstoneOutdoorsMarleybone
Azteca ArchwayOutdoorsAzteca
Azteca KilnOutdoorsAzteca
Azteca ScaffoldingOutdoorsAzteca
Azure Azteca ColumnOutdoorsAzteca
Bolted BoardsOutdoorsWizard City
Brick-Walled PondOutdoorsMooShu
Bright Stone TowerOutdoorsWizard City
Broken PlankOutdoorsWizard City
CarouselOutdoorsWizard City
Carved Stone PedestalOutdoorsWizard City
Carved Stone TowerOutdoorsWizard City
Chain ReelOutdoorsEmpyrea
Chipped WoodOutdoorsWizard City
Dark Stone FenceOutdoorsWizard City
Dino PillarOutdoorsAzteca
Directional ArrowsOutdoorsWizard City
Glowing Fancy LampostOutdoorsWizard City
Gold Azteca ColumnOutdoorsAzteca
Grassy MoundOutdoorsAvalon

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