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Reagent Storage Chest

Jade Oni

Jade Oni is a level 10 Life Creature that can be found inside Emperor's Throne Room in Jade Palace, MooShu. Jade Oni does not cheat.

The mounts dropped here are permanent.

Jade Oni drops the permanent Stormrider Hare mount but only during Easter festivities and to wizards under level 50.

Crown Gear

Angelic Helm
Blubbering Pumpkin Scepter
Brogans of Decrepitude
Candy Wand
Chuckling Pumpkin Scepter
Even Footing
Hatchling Scepter
Headgear of the Sylph
Knotwork Wand
Lucky Shamrock Wand
Nosferatu's Cloak
Nutcracker Wand
Sanguine Scepter
Scepter of Spring's Bounty
Scepter of the Cherub
Spring Bunny Scepter
Staff of the Crimson Hart
Staff of the White Rabbit
Star Staff
Stave of the Holiday Flame
Sugar Cane Wand
Tunic of Fiery Renewal
Wand of Compassion
Wand of Nature's Ebb
Wand of Wealth


Add Balance Citrine
Attentive Opal
Banana Peel Opal
Big Boost Opal
Blemished Damage Amethyst +11
Blemished Damage Citrine +11
Blemished Damage Jade +11
Blemished Damage Onyx +11
Blemished Damage Peridot +11
Blemished Damage Ruby +11
Blemished Damage Sapphire +11
Blemished Defense Citrine +21
Blemished Defense Opal +11
Blemished Health Opal +40
Charge Up Opal
Check Opal
Cheeky Opal
Clay Post Opal
Clear Path Opal
Dawdle Opal
Dead End Opal
Death-Away Onyx
Death-Boon Onyx
Death-Giver Onyx
Dependable Opal
Determined Opal
Downer Opal
Eager Opal
Effective Opal
Equalizer Citrine
Exhaust Opal
Extra Mana Opal
Fire-Away Ruby
Fire-Giver Ruby
Gold Miner Opal
Healer Opal
Huge Energy Opal
Humongofrog Peridot
Hurry Opal
Ice Wyvern Sapphire
Ice-Boon Sapphire
Ice-Giver Sapphire
Intrepid Opal
Kraken Amethyst
Life-Boon Jade
Mana Boost Opal
Mend Minion Talent Peridot
Meteor Strike Ruby
Myth-Boon Peridot
Myth-Eye Peridot
Myth-Proof Peridot
Oil Slick Opal
Power Play Citrine
Seraph Jade
Skeletal Pirate Onyx
Storm-Away Amethyst
Storm-Eye Amethyst
Storm-Giver Amethyst
Stormclaw Amethyst
Super-Pass Opal
Super-Stall Opal
Ultra Energy Opal
Ultra Energy Opal
Unbalancer Citrine
Wise Opal
Wisp Bonus Opal


Christmas Elf
Ghost Dragon
Golden Goose
Jade Oni
Lovely Ladybug
Lovely Leopard
Lucky Leprechaun
Lump of Coal
Maple Moose
Pet Egg
Rescue Rover
Valentine Pig
Yuletide Spirit

Housing Items

Adept's Socket Wrench
Big Holiday Tree
Blue Holiday Ornament
Carol of the Bells Theme
Carol of the Bells Theme
Color Light Strand
Deck the Halls Theme
Decorative Cannon
Gingerbread House
Green Holiday Ornament
Holiday Fireplace
Holiday Wreath
Imperial Statue
Jingle Bells Theme
Krokopatra Exalted Duel
Krokopatra Master Duel
Large Snowflake
Meowiarty Archmage Duel
Meowiarty Exalted Duel
Milk and Cookies
Mint Standee
Mint Swirl
MooShu Main Theme
MooShu Plague Theme
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Long Gift
Rattlebones Exalted Duel
Rattlebones Master Duel
Red Holiday Ornament
Small Snowflake
Snowflake Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Spooky Bob
Star Wrapped Gift
Statue Base
Statue of Koto
Tree Wrapped Gift
Wooden Skeleton Key
Yellow Holiday Ornament
Yuletide Lg. Keeper Aquarium
Yuletide Lg. Small Fry Aquarium
Yuletide Tall Keeper Aquarium
Yuletide Tall Small Fry Aquarium
Zeus Exalted Duel


Boon Tree
Happy Holidaisy

Treasure Cards




Pet Snacks

Holiday Stuff

Bunny Feet
Bunny Suit
Cool Pumpkin Mask
Cyclops Pumpkin Mask
Hallowe'en Robe
Happy Pumpkin Mask
Mummy Costume Footwraps
Mummy Costume Headwraps
Ninja Pig Hat
Ninja Pig Shoes
Pilgrim Robe
Pirate Pumpkin Mask
Santa Boots
Santa Robe
Turkey Hat
Vampire Costume Boots

Mastery Amulets


Stormrider Hare (Permanent)


Other Stuff That Is Kinda Interesting

Jade Oni's Amethyst Blade
Jade Oni's Boots
Jade Oni's Cap
Jade Oni's Garments
Jade Oni's Shroud of Nothing
Jade Oni's Vestment
Youkai's Shoes

You are out of Tin, Nickel, Nickel, Lead, Ectoplasm, Copper, Cobalt, and Brass. You might want to hunt this creature.