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Reagent Storage Chest

Elephant Spectral Guardian

Elephant Spectral Guardian is a level 11 Sun Boss that can be found inside Mirror Lake in Baobob Market, Zafaria. Elephant Spectral Guardian is a big fat cheater!

The mounts dropped here are permanent.

Elephant Spectral Guardian drops the permanent Stormrider Hare mount, but only during the Easter festivities and only to wizards who are under level 80.

Crown Gear

Absolute Zero Brim
Baton of the Cottontail
Boots of Fire Dancing
Clover of Prosperity
Decorous Brim
Flameborn Sidhe Boots
Flameborn Sidhe Cloak
Flameborn Sidhe Cowl
Frostborn Sidhe Cloak
Ghastly Gourd Wand
Giggling Gourd Wand
Grieving Gourd Wand
Radiant Star Wand
Razzle Dazzle Boots
Restless Cloak of Oblivion
Scintillating Tunic
Sidhe Cloak
Sidhe Cloak of Attunement
Sidhe Cowl
Sidhe Shoes
Sidhe Staff
Sky Walking Boots
Splendid Tunic
Squamish Cloak of the Sidhe
Squamish Cowl of the Sidhe
Staff of Corn Utopia
Storyborn Cloak of Mist
Tunic of Sudden Grief
Twilight of the Year Wand
Vestment of the Thornwood
Wand of Rapt Joy
Wand of the Gingersnapper
Whiteblind Tunic
Witch's Dirty Tricks Stick


Bananas! Opal
Blade of Fire Ruby
Blizzard Lizard Sapphire
Bombardier Opal
Cat Bandit Opal
Catch Leader Opal
Frost Giant Sapphire
Go Humongo Peridot
Hexster Citrine
Huge Rally Opal
Ice-Boon Sapphire
Life-Proof Jade
Mega-Leech Opal
No Pain, No Gain Onyx
Opaque Accurate Jade +8%
Opaque Accurate Opal +4%
Opaque Blocking Sapphire +7
Opaque Critical Amethyst +8
Opaque Critical Citrine +8
Opaque Critical Onyx +8
Opaque Defense Onyx +33
Opaque Defense Opal +18
Opaque Defense Sapphire +33
Opaque Piercing Amethyst +4%
Opaque Piercing Citrine +4%
Opaque Piercing Onyx +4%
Opaque Piercing Sapphire +4%
Orthrus Peridot
Plain Damage Onyx +16
Plain Damage Peridot +16
Plain Defense Ruby +32
Power Nova Citrine
Rebirth Jade
Restorative Opal
Rugged Opal
Sniper Talent Opal
Storm-Eye Amethyst
The Deer Knight Rises Onyx
Ultra Charge Opal
Ultra Exhaustion Opal


Burning Pixie
Christmas Elf
Golden Goose
Lovely Leopard
Lucky Leprechaun
Lump of Coal
Maple Moose
Muscled Cat
Pet Egg
Pink Jellyfish
Primal Wildclaw
Rescue Rover
Skeletal Knight
Valentine Pig
Yuletide Spirit

Housing Items

Big Holiday Tree
Blue Holiday Ornament
Carol of the Bells Theme
Color Light Strand
Deck the Halls Theme
Gingerbread House
Green Holiday Ornament
Holiday Fireplace
Holiday Wreath
Jingle Bells Theme
Large Snowflake
Milk and Cookies
Mint Standee
Mint Swirl
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Long Gift
Red Holiday Ornament
Small Color Light Strand
Small Snowflake
Snowflake Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Spooky Bob
Star Wrapped Gift
Tree Wrapped Gift
Yellow Holiday Ornament
Yuletide Lg. Keeper Aquarium
Yuletide Lg. Small Fry Aquarium
Yuletide Reg. Keeper Aquarium
Yuletide Reg. Whopper Aquarium
Yuletide Tall Keeper Aquarium
Yuletide Tall Small Fry Aquarium
Zafaria Stone Town Theme
Zafaria Waterfront Theme


Boon Tree
Burning Snap Dragon
Deadly Fly Trap
Deadly Helephant Ears
Fickle Pickle
Happy Holidaisy
Helephant Ears
King Parsley
Orange Bell Pepper
Orange Dandelion
Red Bell Pepper
Trumpet Vine
White Desparagus
White Laugh-O-Dil
White Tiger Lily

Treasure Cards

Frozen Armor
Legion Shield
Polymorph Colossus
Polymorph Elemental (Storm)
Polymorph Treant
Power Link
Stun Block
Tower Shield


Spider Silk

Pet Snacks

Buttered Bread
Dr. Jalapeno
Flaming Soup
Glowing Dragon Fruit
Glowing Star Fruit
Glowing Taffy
Goat Cheese
Golden Apple
Golden Grapes
Jelly Baby
King Banana
Kola Nuts
Shiny Tomato
Strawberry Cupcake
Submarine Sandwich

Holiday Stuff

Boo Pumpkin Mask
Cool Pumpkin Mask
Cyclops Pumpkin Mask
Hallowe'en Hat
Hallowe'en Shoes
Happy Pumpkin Mask
Kitty Pumpkin Mask
Mummy Costume Bodywraps
Mummy Costume Footwraps
Ninja Pig Hat
Pilgrim Boots
Pilgrim Robe
Pirate Pumpkin Mask
Santa Boots
Santa Robe
Scary Pumpkin Mask
Vampire Costume Boots
Vampire Costume Coat

Mastery Amulets


Stormrider Hare (Permanent)


Other Stuff That Is Kinda Interesting

You are out of Spider Silk, Nickel, Ectoplasm, Cobalt, and Bronze. You might want to hunt this creature.