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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 83 creatures that drop Couch Potatoes. There could be more, I don't have the scoop on ALL the bosses out there yet. I been trying to get Noah to do my work for me - uh, I mean HELP me, but I haven't had much luck yet.

Achmad PeeceRiver District Alleyway, Mirage
Acolyte DamianAethyrium, Empyrea
Ali CassimThe Roost, Mirage
Ancient Qhat Warrior Istanboa, Mirage
Armed Guard Ulnar Crypt, Mirage
Assistant Sigh-Amm Yakhal Mountain, Mirage
B'rel Aeriel Jungle, Empyrea
Babbling Meints Caterwaul Canyons, Mirage
Bloodseeker Savarstaad Pass, Grizzleheim
Bort ShadowmaneChronoverge, Mirage
Brownwood Tormentor Nidavellir, Grizzleheim
Bully MammothForlorn Tayg, Polaris
Buster Crab Telegraph Box (Zafaria), Zafaria
Captain Cosrow Buried Gardens, Mirage
Captain LoranzoSea Chicken, Polaris
Crusher Aeriel Jungle, Empyrea
Crypt Conscript Alkali Barrows, Mirage
Custos Decimus Telegraph Box (Zafaria), Zafaria
Decaying Bogwalker Vigrid Roughland, Grizzleheim
Deep Woods ImpSavarstaad Pass, Grizzleheim

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