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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 91 creatures that drop Fossil. There could be more, I don't have the scoop on ALL the bosses out there yet. I been trying to get Digby to do my work for me - uh, I mean HELP me, but I haven't had much luck yet.

Acampi Reedfist Cenote, Azteca
Actias NightOrbTyrian Gorge, Khrysalis
Ahuizotl Drowned DogFloating Mountains, Azteca
Akhtang WormCrawlUpper Halls, Wizard City
Anacaona Black Snake Anacaona Black Snake's Tomb, Azteca
Ant GriffinCrescent Beach, Khrysalis
Ant LionCrescent Beach, Khrysalis
Ant Lion Trapper Crescent Beach, Khrysalis
Atlach-Leng Tyrian Gorge, Khrysalis
Azcal Fire Ant Cenote, Azteca
Belloq (Twin Giants)Twin Giants, Azteca
Belosto ToeBiterWater Cavern, Khrysalis
Bentley DaysongTwin Giants, Azteca
Blazing HartKondha Desert, Khrysalis
Blighted Yaxche Cloudburst Forest, Azteca
Brood MotherThrone Room, Khrysalis
Caquix Nine Shadows Hall of Plumage, Azteca
Chantico Blue Air Guard Nest, Azteca
Count Bela BlackSleep Castle Darkmoor, Wizard City
Cree CurdWright CurdWright Crypt, Khrysalis

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