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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 33 creatures that drop Pink Laugh-O-Dil. There could be more, I don't have the scoop on ALL the bosses out there yet. I been trying to get Alric to do my work for me - uh, I mean HELP me, but I haven't had much luck yet.

Ali Baboon Thieves' Den, Mirage
Ancient Qhat Warrior Istanboa, Mirage
Armed Guard Ulnar Crypt, Mirage
Babbling Meints Caterwaul Canyons, Mirage
Doctor Jackall Royal Airship, Marleybone
Enthralled Spirit Monk Pagoda of Harmony, Krokotopia
Ghulture (Death Mob) Caravan, Mirage
Grimsnes BurntBlackTelegraph Box (Wizard City), Wizard City
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 1) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 1)
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 2) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 2)
Ingram Glyphcutter Ingram's Abode, Grizzleheim
Jotun Nidavellir, Grizzleheim
Kaizoku (Tier 1) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 1)
Kaizoku (Tier 3) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 3)
Kasai BakuTelegraph Box (Wizard City), Wizard City
Kumo Oni (Tier 1)Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 1)
Kurokage (Tier 2) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 2)
Kurokage (Tier 3) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 3)
Kurokage (Tier 4) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 4)
Kurokage (Tier 5) Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 5)

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