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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 70 creatures that drop Pest Zapper. There could be more, I don't have the scoop on ALL the bosses out there yet. I been trying to get to do my work for me - uh, I mean HELP me, but I haven't had much luck yet.

Akuji Yoshihito Temple, MooShu
Angler GoonCrustacean Empire, Celestia
Angler RuffianCrustacean Empire, Celestia
Aqua-BotScience Center , Celestia
AstraeusCelestia Base Camp, Celestia
Barkskin Treant Tanglewood Way, Wysteria
Baron Mordecai Triton Avenue, Wizard City
Beghastion Fieldburner The Necropolis, Dragonspyre
Bleys Flamerender Pigswick Academy, Wysteria
BloodwingThe Floating Land, Celestia
Blood BatHaunted Cave, Wizard City
Celestian Remnant The Portico, Celestia
Chief WhipBarkingham Palace, Marleybone
ChroniusThe Crystal Grove, Dragonspyre
Crazy Water-MoleThe Floating Land, Celestia
Crystal CrawlerThe Grand Chasm, Dragonspyre
Cursed Ronin Ancient Burial Grounds, MooShu
Custos DecimusBaobob Market, Zafaria
Death Soldier Ancient Burial Grounds, MooShu
Decaying Blackguard Dragonspyre Academy, Dragonspyre

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