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Reagent Storage Chest
I know of 104 creatures that drop Evil Snow Peas. There could be more, I don't have the scoop on ALL the bosses out there yet. I been trying to get Esmee to do my work for me - uh, I mean HELP me, but I haven't had much luck yet.

Algid WyrmBreathing Cave, Polaris
Ali Baboon Thieves' Den, Mirage
AlornaAlorna's Cave, Polaris
Amedras Lightstep Amedras's Tower, Zafaria
Ammit the Devourer Upper Zigazag, Krokotopia
Asrik Widebelt Vestrilund, Grizzleheim
Assistant Warden Porfiry Cell Block A, Polaris
Aurekk the MightyAustrilund, Grizzleheim
Baba YagaStatue Garden, Polaris
Babbling Meints Caterwaul Canyons, Mirage
Belloq (Waterfront) Waterfront, Zafaria
Black Tusk Cultist Stone Town, Zafaria
Bort ShadowmaneChronoverge, Mirage
Buster Crab Telegraph Box (Zafaria), Zafaria
Captain Cosrow Buried Gardens, Mirage
Captain Kravchuck Solitary Confinement Cave, Polaris
Captain LoranzoSea Chicken, Polaris
Captain Zubkov Urville Station, Polaris
Colonel Ivanenko Urville Station, Polaris
Colonel Orlov Jeweled Slopes, Polaris

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