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Reagent Storage Chest

     "Hi! My name is Destiny Legendcrafter, but everyone calls me Dezzy. I guess I'm the clothes hoarder of the castle. I'm not entirely sure how that happened. I think maybe because I have a few absolute favorite outfits and everything else just sits in my closet waiting for me to want to wear it again. You can visit my closet anytime to dig through my collection of the crafted clothes available in the spiral."

     "Savannah is our decorator. She has way more patience than I do when it comes to filling her houses. It drives Savvy nuts the way I just dump my backpack out in any old room in order to free up some space. She actually takes the time to put everything in its place. When she isn't playing house in her attic, you can find her trolling the bazaar looking for new and interesting things."

     "Digby runs the alchemy lab. The lab isn't currently open for wizards to visit Digby. We're waiting on a shipment of breath mints first, you can thank me later. But you will see Digby from time to time as he keeps an eye on the reagents in your storage chest. When you don't have enough for a recipe he will let you know if an ingredient can be transmuted."

     "Terri is our resident gardener. She is a very young wizard and still a bit green, but just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Terri is currently busy gathering facts about all of the seeds in the spiral. Her goal is to be able to give a definitive answer as to which seeds are the absolute best to grow for specific reagents and treasure cards."

     "Esmee is like a fresh breeze wherever she goes. She's perky, highly energetic, and loves to zap up pet snacks that will satisfy even the most finicky eaters. As soon as we can get her to stand still, you'll be able to visit her in the kitchen."

     "Nobody is quite sure what Hunter does. He claims he is the supervisor and overseer of all areas of the castle - which is hunter-speak for he doesn't do much of anything. We keep him around for comic relief and unofficial scape goat... supervisors are responsible for all goofs right??"

     "Alric is in charge of the armory. If you need a recipe to craft your own wand or athame, he'll be the guy to talk to -- just as soon as we can get Hunter to quit playing with the weapons and distracting Alric."

     "Scarlet is our resident entertainment director. She is in the process of developing games and readying her game room for the public masses. She is on the verge of having at least one game available real soon! "

     "Drew is the man to ask where fish are concerned. Fish have now become recipe ingredients - though I was half afraid that my tapestries would SMELL like fish EWW! Drew has taken it upon himself to become a walking encyclopedia of where to find specific fish."

     "Laura is an exchange student from the Equilibrium school at Wysteria and has acquired the apt nickname of Ghost. She's very quiet, often relying on people to just sense her presence. She haunts the Treasury room and is in charge of cataloguing the ring and amulet recipes."

     "Alex is the go-to-guy for decks, treasure cards, and crafted spells. He is still compiling information and isn't quite sure when he will be ready for company."

     "I bet you'll never guess what Emma Icecrafter crafts. That's right... gems. Gem crafting is still new to the spiral and so is Emma. But don't underestimate her, she crafted the Watchtower Hall when she was only a level 13 wizard. She strives to travel beyond just breaking the ice with this new and exciting aspect of crafting."

     "Last, but certainly not least, we have the Quinn twins. Manny and Mandy have put in countless hours of clothing changes and photo shoots without uttering a single complaint. They deserve a lot of credit for their patience."

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